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Top Marketing Websites for Digital Agencies

When managing a digital marketing agency, the first thing you need to do is to focus on developing your website. How your site is designed can affect whether or not you appeal to your target market, learn more on this website. To overcome web design complexities, you can get inspiration from the best marketing websites out there. You have to consider the ease of use of your website, find out more details on this site. The aesthetics of your site also matter; read more here to understand how. You also need to get solid copywriting for your site, learn about how to make this possible here. Among the best marketing websites that you can learn from are those presented below.

Be Heard is one example of a website that you can learn from when starting your own. It has various images which are arranged tightly, and it also has pictures of the company’s employees with their handwriting on the side. If you’re curious to know what it looks like, view here! The website applies bold lines to achieve a unique and dynamic background. The site also has a section portraying the company’s previous projects represented by colorful square images of things, places, and people. Be Heard has been successful in arranging images side-by-side without using padding. See here for more about how you can get this kind of our website.

You can get inspiration from Sagmeister & Walsh for your website. Sagmeister & Walsh use a streaming live video of their office as the homepage of their website. Any visitors get to know how people in the company work daily. The use of black-and-white colors is also predominant on the site. It also uses a plaintext font for its different section titles. However, when you click on the different sections, you get bright colors that portray a luxurious feeling. Discover more about how this website looks like by clicking here.

Another website to get inspiration from is We Are Friday. This one will be specifically exciting to you if typography is attractive to you, view here for more. The use of bold typography on the homepage creates the impression that the agency is asserting its expertise, click here to see the page. As you explore the subpages, you will find that the same font, but the words scroll across your screen. Each page has footers that come with striking illustrations, learn more about how this is relevant here. This company can help you put together all your inspiration to come up with the ideal website for your company.